Touching Stories - multi-sensory stories for people with intellectual disabilities
Welcome to Touching Stories

Effective 5/1/2014, we no longer sell our Touching Stories story kits.  

Storytelling programs with Gwen Bonilla are still available.

You can book storytelling with Gwen through Think 360 Arts at:
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Gift of storytelling for developmental disabilities We connect to each other through story, and Touching Stories creates fascinating hand-built interactive story kits that engage and enthrall those in the pr...
In my years as a storyteller, I have come to realize that storytelling can and should be more than a passive entertainment for children. 
Storytelling has the ability to be an interactive, whole body experience to help people learn about their world.
Touching Stories is a program geared toward children and adults with developmental disabilities to help them experience story through, not just words, but also "book pages" that allow them to access manipulatives, smells, and textures that relate directly to the story they are hearing.
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