Touching Stories - multi-sensory stories for people with intellectual disabilities

Touching Stories is a 501c-3 non-profit dedicated to the mission of creating community and connection through multi-sensory storytelling.

Meet the Board
Gwen Bonilla, President:   Gwen has a bachelor's degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Child Development and Welfare and has worked with people with intellectual disabilities for the past eight years. 
In addition, Gwen has extensive experience as a storyteller and she has been a presenter at the Rocky Mountain Storytellers' Conference for the past three years, and has served on the RMSC Board of Directors since 2008.
Gwen's passions for storytelling and for working with people with
disabilites have informed every aspect of the creation of the Touching
Stories programs.
Jamie Wynn, Vice President: Jamie Wynn is so excited to be  a part of Touching Stories.  Though her career path took a different direction, from early in her life, Jamie has been influenced by people who were differently-abled.  These incredible individuals have had a significant impact on Jamie.
During her college years, Jamie had the opportunity to receive training and work as a therapist for children with autism.  This was such a rewarding experience and led to the Jamie's determination to continue to seek out similar experiences.
Now having practiced law for a decade, Jamie brings her legal skills to the Touching Stories board.  However, it is the opportunity for her to be a part of this wonderful and needed organization and to have the chance to meet and interact with such incredible individuals, both on the Board and the clients we serve, that really drew her in.
Cathy Mueller, Treasurer: Cathy's position as the Treasurer for Touching Stories allows her to use her accounting experience to help further the mission of bringing multi-sensory stories to the intellectually disabled community. 
She admits that the idea of being responsible for the financial success of a fledgling not-for-profit organization is a little daunting, but with the combined talents and passions of the other Board Members, she knows we are off to an excellent start.  "I am thrilled to be an integral part of this adventure!"
Lara Kroha, Board Member: Lara brings a wealth of design expertise to our Touching Stories endeavor.  In her time as a homeschooling mom, a Destination Imagination facilitator, and an elementary school volunteer, she has created imaginative parade costumes, halloween costumes and theater sets.  She is a knitter, a crafter, and a magician with Duct Tape. Her problem-solving skills and innate curiosity for "how things work" are invaluable in the creation of our story pages.
Erin Phipps, Secretary: Erin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker living in Denver, CO. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology and a Master of Social Work from New York University.  Her experiences as a specially educated student and overcoming barriers to education are her inspiration for assisting others with disabilities achieve the life they deserve.
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