Touching Stories - multi-sensory stories for people with intellectual disabilities
Frequently Asked Questions: 
What is Touching Stories? We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the goal of creating community and connection through storytelling.  Our Touching Stories program brings specially designed  stories and books to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Is there research that supports the multi-sensory storytelling method? Yes!  Multiple studies illustrate the benefits of a multi-sensory approach in teaching, especially for those with learning differences. Check out the recent NPR story on the connection between sense and language!

Where are your programs offered? 
Touching Stories is offered in special ed classrooms, at libraries, community centers and day programs for people with disabilities.

How much do your programs cost? Our basic training (2 kits, a performance and staff training) is $500.  You may also purchase our story kits individually. 

We are committed to offering the Touching Stories program at a cost each agency in need can afford.  We will work with you to build a program that meets you need.  Contact Gwen Bonilla at 303-795-0106 or to discuss pricing. 

What size groups do you tell to? Touching Stories is ideal for groups of up to seven.  Its hands-on approach makes smaller groups necessary. 

Where did the idea for your program come from?
Gwen Bonilla began her work as a multi-sensory storyteller  in 2006 at her son's school.  Her instinctive understanding that getting kids involved with story through all their senses and using their whole bodies proved to be tremendously successful.

Research into the benefits of multi-sensory storytelling led her to a UK organization called Bag Books that distributed and performed multi-sensory tales for people with intellectual disabilities.  This was the inspiration for the Touching Stories program.  We are deeply indebted to Bag Books for their support and assistance in the creation of Touching Stories. 

How can I help?
Our greatest need is for financial support to help us bring our Touching Stories to schools, libraries and day programs, but we also have material needs for the items required to keep making our books and to keep our office running. 
Please look to the wish list on our website for specific needs.
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