Touching Stories - multi-sensory stories for people with intellectual disabilities
Touching Stories
This unique program brings multi-sensory stories to developmentally disabled children and adults in libraries, schools, and day programs.  These stories are specifically developed for these special audiences, and Touching Stories presentations include trainings on how to tell these tales for the professionals who work with them.
Our Story Kits:
Each Touching Stories kit is created specifically for the unique audience we serve.  The stories are short , interactive, and focused on feelings and sensation.  The plots are simple and the stories lend themselves to the sensory experiences found on our kit pages.
Each story “page” includes some sensory stimulation – the smell of a campfire, the feel of a warm blanket, the sound of a bee hive.  Using high-quality materials, we craft the pages to be easy to manipulate, simple to understand, and durable enough to withstand many repeated tellings.
The pages serve unique purposes for every story.  In some stories, smell is used to stimulate and excite.  In others, a soothing smell may be used to calm.  A loud sound can produce laughter or a gasp, while a quiet sound can encourage greater focus and concentration.
As these stories are read and re-read, audiences will learn to predict the sensory experience coming next, and this will add to their enjoyment.  Everyone loves a good story told again and again.
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