Touching Stories - multi-sensory stories for people with intellectual disabilities
Why Storytelling Matters
Once upon a time, a story made a difference to your life. Stories matter throughout our lives. They help us to discover what we care about and who we are. Seeing storytellers at work, and performing stories themselves, does an enormous amount to help us develop our sense of who we are.  
Self Expression
By watching and listening to storytelling, and by participating in interactive sessions, people learn how to express their own responses and feelings, not only through language and voice projection but also through movement and gesture.
Understanding comes to people at different stages and in different ways; with storytelling in performance, they are able to follow and learn not only through what they hear but also through what they sense and observe.  
Interactive storytelling is about relationship building; people learn when to respond, and how to interact with others. 
Emotional Development 
The rich variety of themes and characters in storytelling creates a safe space in which people can explore a wide range of emotions and feelings, without fear of criticism or judgment.
Self Confidence 
By giving people the opportunity to participate in interactive storytelling, you will boost their confidence in all kinds of ways, empowering them to realize that they can do this too and be heard! 
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