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"Doggie's World"
A Baby Gets Left Alone in a Bag
A story of a little girl. her dog. a lion, a scarecrow , and a tin man
Big Kid vs. Little Kid


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"Doggie's World"

This story was created by Miss Cristy's kindergarten class on November 18th, 2015.

The dogs are driving to the grocery store.  The dogs drive a car.  They are going to buy dog biscuits.  The dogs are friends.  The dogs drive home in the same car and they trade licenses.

A dinosaur attacks their house!  It is a Domisus Rex that goes very slow, like one mile an hour (or maybe two or three miles an hours, or maybe just one mile an hour).  

A pterodactyl catches the dogs and steals them and flies them up to a mountain.

A Baby Gets Left Alone in a Bag

A judge put a baby named Bob Zachary in a bag.  Or maybe it was his mom and dad who put him in the bag.  No one knows why.  Maybe they put the bag in the car to throw it away.  Maybe they just wanted to take a cute picture.  baby Bob Zachary has no hair.

The baby is probably not happy in the car driving far away, although he is smiling.  The car is powered by solar panels!  The people who drove the baby away tried to pick the bag with the baby up, but they couldn't because it was TOO HEAVY.

A story of a little girl. her dog. a lion, a scarecrow , and a tin man

Written by the great kids at Newton Middle School.

This project was a little different than the other exercises I've done before.  For this story, I cut out pictures of all the main elements of the Wizard of Oz story (girl. with. dog. good witch. mean witch, red shoes, etc.) and placed them into a hat.  The kids took turns taking slips out o the hat and coming up with a group story.

The following is the story that resulted.  I did not tell them until afterward that they were re-writing a modern classic!

Big Kid vs. Little Kid

Written by the great kids at Newton Middle School

Tim Superman Johnsena (TSJ) and Peter Batman I-Carly (PBI) are on the beach in Hawaii, on the moon.  They have a fight to the death!  It's TSJ vs. PBI.  TSJ is going to beat PBI.  They used to be friends. but then they got mad and had a fight because if you want to save the world, you need to beat the other person.

Sputnik came flying over head.  Sputnik is a pencil and it fell and stuck in PBI's foot.  TSJ came toward PBI, lifted him (with the pencil still stuck in his foot) and tossed him to the sun!



By the participants of the Connect! Club at Rocky Mountain Human Services
Denver, CO

This is the story of two boys.  One of them is a wrestler.  They both have their fists up.  They might be brothers, or maybe they’re not.  They might be twins, but there are still differences between them.  They might also be cousins.

They might be fighting over a girl, or a soda, or candy.

Their names are Luke and Tony.  There are two other boys.  They are about the same age as Tony and Luke.

The Shy Boy

This is another Timeslips story by some Adult Day program participants.  Timeslips is a story-creating program that allows people to create a group story based on an image that is given to them.  This story is the first Sky Cliff story.  They did a fantastic job!

“The Shy Boy”
The Story of Nathaniel Alex Semenov
He doesn’t look shy.  He has a little hair on his head.  He looks like a happy baby.  Sometimes he likes to be called Ted II, but sometimes he likes to be called Nathaniel II.

The Beach Day Mystery aka "The Beach Boys"

Here's the latest super-creative story by the amazing folks at WellSpring Day Program!
The Beach Day Mystery
"The Beach Boys"
Brian Wilson and Mike Love are having an argument. They are about to get into a fight about who is going to get the surfboard first. Maybe Mike will get it. There are people standing around who want to watch the fight.
Mike Love and Brian Wilson are good friends. They are fighting because of sibling rivalry. They Mystery Man, Bob, might be getting ready to play leap-frog or to tackle Zach.

The Wedding Day Mystery

Last week, at the wonderful WellSpring Day Program in Castle Rock, CO, we started a new program called Timeslips.  (
here's the story that resulted:
"The Wedding Day Mystery"
"The Reception"
It's the wedding day. The bride, Lauren Jackie, ran home, kind of like the movie "Runaway Bride." She was scared of the groom, Mike Paul. She did not want to eat the cake because it was called "dirt cake" with Gummi Worms inside.
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