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More Stories from WellSpring!

Ha ha!  All stories have been recovered!  You'll notice that most of the stories are very short and simple.  This was done with intention -- each story, like a Touching Stories story was designed to be short and simple and focus on sensory element.  In Karis' story, fuzzy fabric represented the animals she loved, nd strong smelling essential oil was the "medicine" she gave the sick animal. 

WellSpring Day Program Stories

This spring, Touching Stories participated in a project with Well Spring Day Program in Castle Rock, Colorado.  We spent seven weeks telling stories, learning about story structure and, for the final project, creating original multi-sensory kits based on the stories written by the Well Spring participants.
Here are a few of those stories...
Zipline Day
by Beth
One day, when Beth was 25, she got stuck on a zipline.  She felt scared.  She felt mad.  She prayed and yelled for help.

Exciting new directions!

We are so excited to announce a new direction for Touching Stories!
If you have been watching this website over the last couple months, you've probably noticed some stories written by the amazing group of adults at the Wellspring Day Program in Castle Rock Colorado.
Keep your eyes on this space, because more will be coming soon!
At Touching Stories, we have dedicated our efforts for the next year to helping people with disabilities tell their own stories.
One of our objectives has always beento include people with developmental disabilities in every aspect of our work -- and this year, we will be bringing ourselves one step closer to meeting that objective.

Words matter

I have always loved words.  As a storyteller, I have loved the nuance of finding exactly the right word to correctly evoke emotion, to create a scene.  When I began working with people with disabilities, the words I chose took on even more importance.
All these words at one time were clinical designations for levels of developmental disability, but as they crept into the common lexicon, as they became insults to be hurled in the heat of anger and cruelty, they fell out of favor in the clinical world.

Passing the Torch

I love telling stories.  I love the feeling it gives me, to be able to make people laugh, smile, cry, and experience the world in a new way. 
Telling to people with developmental disabilities is a special kind of a gift for a storyteller, because when I tell to these audiences, I am bringing story to people who rarely get to  be "in on" the story.  The joy and the connection is extraordinary.
It's a little bit selfish -- how much I love what I do. 

God bless you!

"God bless you!" 
"There's a special place in heaven for you"
If I were going to write one of those Sh*t People Say to Social Workers memes, those phrases would certainly be prominently featured.  I've been a social worker for almost 15 years, a social worker for people with developmental disabilities for over 7 years, and a storyteller for people with developmental disabilities for just about a year.
I've heard those phrases thousands of times.

Finding sensory stories

The Hardware Store will never be the same to me... nor will the fabric store, the craft store or the music store.
Everywhere I go these days, I find myself touching, feeling for sharp edges, thumping for sound effect, squeezing things, turning them upside down -- I have become a sensory-seeking machine!
People often ask where the ideas come from for our stories.  Occasionally, someone will have an idea for a story that's based on a folktale, a memory, or a story they've heard from one of our clients that is the basis for a story.

Sloppy Joes for Breakfast (and for a good cause!)

We at Touching Stories are so excited by some new opportunities coming soon!
It's been a big year for Touching Stories.  Our first full calendar year has brought a grant from Douglas County,opportunities to travel throughout the state with our stories, chances to present our techniques to librarians and occupational therapists and now...
In a new adventure, we will be starting our first Kickstarters campaign!
For those of you who've not yet heard of Kickstarters, it's a fantastic new concept in fundraising.


We have big news here at Touching Stories today.  We received notification that our application to become a 501(c)(3) corporation was approved!  As an official non-profit, we can now apply for grants that will help us get Touching Stories kits into so many more classrooms, day programs and libraries.
As wonderful as this development is, we also have so much to be grateful for in terms of community support.  
Touching Stories officially "launched" as a company at a small fund-raising event nine months ago at Southglenn Library.

Sensory storytimes

One of the wonderful things about starting Touching Stories a year and a half ago has been the opportunity to learn about all the ways in which multi-sensory learning in being used around the world.
I first learned about multi-sensory stories about four years ago when I found a website for a program in London called Bag Books ( Bag Books has been producing and distributing multi-sensory stories for almost twenty years and they have led the way in multi-sensory telling.
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